All the square grand pianos that we see nowadays were built in the mid 19th century. Pianos that were built during this period are from Victorian age of building when master artisans and craftsmen would build and carve furniture and pianos with the use of their hand tools.  Square grand pianos are considered a beautiful instrument that includes several unique features that are rarely seen on modern pianos that we have currently. Although some people would say that square grands are impossible to be restored, there are actually few good reasons why you should not have them restored.

Square Grand Pianos Quality

We are aware that pianos that were built during the golden years of American piano production are considered by many to be of the best quality, structure, and design. Square Grand Pianos were built by experts in the late 19th century up to the Second World War when piano manufacturing was at its peak. Pianos that were created during this time are made from finest woods available in this period. Hence, restoring a square grand piano will for sure produce a quality that can’t be seen in today’s pianos.

Good Piano Investment

A Piano’s value increases as it becomes aged. Although the majority of pianos contain a high rate of market preservation when it comes to their value, it is really evident that pianos that were made in America incorporate the highest accrual rate value among any other musical instrument. Square grand pianos are regarded to be an important part of the world history. Restoring them will certainly give you a treasured possession that is very hard to find nowadays.

Heirloom Value

Square Grand Pianos are worthy to undergo a total piano restoration for the reason that it has an important heirloom value. A Square Grand Piano that was built in America will be evidence of a treasure from one generation to the next. A musical instrument such as the Square Grand is something that is full of sentimental value that can be passed to the members of the family. That’s why most square piano owners settle on having their instrument restored. They have sentimental reasons about their instruments as well as heirloom value that they should pass on to their children and grandchildren.

There are few misconceptions regarding square grand pianos and most of these are believed by many individuals. There are even piano restorers who are saying that square pianos are impossible to be restored. In contrast, restoring this beautiful instrument is worthwhile. But of course, you also have to think about considerations. Having your Square Grand undertake a piano restoration is a delicate and a complicated job hence it will be better if you think about this process more seriously and decide if it is reasonable for you. Having these reasons on restoring a square grand will certainly help you in deciding to go for a piano restoration or not.


When we say antique or vintage square pianos, the first word that enters our mind is value. Why do you think is this so? What makes square pianos appealing to many?

Despite the fact that there are some people who would say that square pianos are useless because they can’t be restored, there are still individuals who are saying that square piano are the most appealing antique piano in the history.

One good trait of a square piano is its Victorian era design that makes it viewed as a classic type of musical instrument. Pianos that were made during the Victorian Era are known to be of high quality. The historical significance of square piano also makes it become interesting for piano enthusiasts and musicians. This type of piano is known to be an important part of the musical history.

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Most of us have noticed that square grand pianos are sometimes misjudged by many people. They would usually say that square grands were not much of a piano and do not play well like other types of pianos. Yes, they are beautiful and elegant with the outside but very prehistoric in style and design on the inside of it. For this reason, a lot of individuals are in doubt whether to have their square grand piano appraised or not.

Square Grand Value

Square grand pianos were in fact the top piano choice in Europe and America in the middle of 19th century. On the other hand, we can notice that only a few people have ever seen or possess this kind of piano at present. Square pianos are considered a classic kind of instrument and of high-quality design. This is due to the fact that square grand pianos come from Victorian era of piano production when artisans would create, build, and carve the instrument with the use of their bare hands. In addition, the piano craftsmen during this period were using primitive and aged wood and logs just to build and assemble the cases and veneers of square pianos. For such reason, square grand piano can be valuable and worthy of any restoration.

Square Grand Piano Appraisal

If you appraise a square grand piano, you will not be disappointed with its worth. Although the process of restoring a square grand piano can be a tough and complicated job, having it refurbished is a good option. In fact, an American square grand piano has a tone that is described as Listztian bass and Tinkly Mozart treble. Square grands are found to be unique as what they have are two strings per harmony. Moreover, they have more compact soundboard meaning that they only produce smaller sound to accommodate homes during the Victorian era.
If you have a square grand piano and you want it to be appraised, what you can get from them are more of furniture value and possibly as a vintage kind of instrument. There is indeed a market for them however not perfect for traditional piano market in which the focus is more on the sound quality and overall performance like what other pianos can provide.

Square Grand Piano Restoration

Restored square grands can be sold for $30,000 to $50,000. The monetary value of a square piano depends actually on the year that it was created and if it has undergone a piano refurbishment or not. A good example of a valuable square grand is a Steinway square that is built in 1800’s. This vintage square grand can be worth $15,000 to $20,000.

Unrestored Grand Piano Prices

You can also market an unrestored square grand piano for $200 up to $500. Unrestored Steinway square can cost much higher which can range from $1,500 and above. You will notice that the brand can have an impact on the value of a square grand piano. Steinway pianos are known for their quality and because they are rare, they have a higher value as compared to other square grand piano brands.

Square pianos may not be a common piano nowadays and yet it is considered to be the most valuable and oldest piano type that is loaded with history and culture. It may not be as functional and efficient like a concert grand or baby grand piano but it contains features that you can’t find on many contemporary piano models today.


Chickering pianos are known for superior tonal quality. They are not only a work of art but a masterpiece of excellent craftsmanship. The Chickering square grand piano was indeed one of the most wanted instruments during the 19th century. Only a few individuals know the features of the Chickering Square Grand and so this article will give a short overview of the famous Chickering Square Grand.

Chickering Shape -

The Chickering Square Grand has a rectangular shape and with closed lids. It actually looks like a huge dining table. You will notice that the corners of the piano are rounded while the keys are indented into its rectangular case which is different from grand pianos wherein the keys are protruding out.

Inside the Square -

When you look into its integral parts, you will see that there are distinguishing marks of a square grand from Chickering. The string plate of Chickering Square Grand Piano is where the name Chickering is imprinted. This iron portion is made from wooden case which is unique from Chickering.

Position of the Strings -

The placement of the strings of a square grand piano generally runs from left going to the right. The Chickering strings are all in one line and level ns usually not cross strung. In addition, its hammers are much smaller as compared to the hammers of a contemporary grand piano.

Tonal Quality -

There is a huge difference in the sound of a Chickering Square Grand Piano. This is mainly because it has lighter hammers making the instrument generate a lighter and more soft kind of tone than modern grands.

Restoring a Chickering Grand Piano can be a more challenging and complicated task since it is built during the golden age of pianos. Pianos from the golden age are considered made from finest quality such as Chickering & Sons pianos. For this reason, pianos that were made from this era are often very valuable and fine instruments especially when restored.


Being one of the top piano brands in the history of pianos, Steinway created a mark in making their own Steinway Square Pianos. Steinway squares were famous during the Victorian era and still continue to become one of the favorite classic musical instruments nowadays. Being the earliest pianos in the piano industry, they were regarded as pianos of high-quality and made out of the finest woods. They were used by the best and renowned composers and pianists of the 19th century. Steinway square pianos were launched in the United States in the 1820s and eventually became one of the most popular pianos during 1880s. Although Steinway Square grand pianos gained great popularity during this period, most of us still have misconceptions regarding this vintage piano model.

Steinway Square Grand Piano Misconceptions

There are individuals who state that square pianos do not have the ability to produce a beautiful sound similar to other piano types. If we are to compare Steinway Grand Pianos to other piano types such as upright and grand pianos, you will definitely notice that squares do not have a huge soundboard. Hence, they are not able to produce a powerful sound like the other pianos. Also, Steinway squares do not contain lengthy strings and lower tension. Nevertheless, these unique features of Steinway Square Grand Pianos lead them in producing a lovelier, soft, clinging sound along with a richer bass that you rarely see in most pianos. These qualities of them earned the interest of middle class people in the Victorian period.

Square Piano Structure

The structure and built of a Steinway square grand is somewhat identical to that of many grand pianos that we have from the Victorian Era. They lack a modern repetition lever that is present in modern grand pianos. Although they have unique keys and hammer placements, Steinway squares have the ability to produce a nice sound.

Case Design

Steinway Squares have the most attractive design during their time. Most of them are ideal for display in homes in the Victorian era. They are charmed by their ornate legs and usually beautifully shaped case which is highly polished. The 1859 built Steinway Square Grand is a good example of a lovely square piano. It is a typical Empire Revival Style that was very famous in the early up to the middle part of the 19th century. It features a rosewood case and it is of octagon-shaped leg design along with carved music rack and pedal lyre.

Steinway Quality

When it comes to quality, excellence, and reputation, Steinway & Sons is indeed one of the best choices. It has been the most preferred piano brand of vintage pianos such as square grands. This piano brand has created a great mark in the piano history and still continues to earn the respect and trust of musicians in the world.

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